Emily, I am marrying you because I love you. All of you. Exactly the way you are. The parts you love, the parts you don’t love as much. Every last molecule. Because, to me, it is perfection.

My life has been made richer by your presence in countless ways. I know how deeply you love me, and previously didn’t know that it was possible, except that I know how I feel in loving you. So solidly that it makes me more completely understand the fragility of life and the world. So thoroughly that it actually encompasses all emotions imaginable.

Now, as we express our devotion to one another, I am overcome by the great possibilities that lie before us. But most of all, I am just so excited we’ll do it all together.

I don’t care where we go, I don’t care what we do. Just take me with u.


TRK, We started this year off in the waiting room of the 5th floor intensive care unit of a hospital in far away Erie, PA. You may not remember, but that day I posted to your Facebook page in the midst of #thecrisis. I wrote “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”


Because no matter where we are:
in line at Call Your Mother Deli
on the beach in Cartagena
in the front row at E Street Cinema
…or at the hospital in Erie, PA:

Being with you is being home. And there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

I promise to always let you book our flights for both international and domestic travel; To let you sleep past 10 on (some) weekend mornings; And vow to tell you I love you often, and to stop talking long enough for you to do the same.

I simply cannot wait to continue our lives together. You are my favorite.